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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 10 post op


So I'm still losing weight daily and I'm really happy about that. Yesterday was a REALLY rough day and I'm not sure how my mind is going to handle being on a liquid diet for too much longer. I'm starting to get really irritated and grouchy about the whole deal. I could go on for a few paragraphs about how terrible yesterday was, but just because I couldn't have food doesn't make it a complete bust. I spent the day with my Mom and my Aunt, got some exercise in the process and came home with a great rug for the living room. I'm trying to be upbeat about the whole thing, but I really wanna friggin eat. I think that I'm gonna quit the shakes for a few days and try some different soups and see if that helps to brighten my mood some. I used to think that this was the easy way out, but now that I'm in the midst of it, I see that there is nothing easy about it.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 9 post op


Wow, I'm so close to hitting a new notch on the scale I could really do a high kick right about now.I know that my back would go into spasm and it wouldn't be really pretty picking my big ass off the floor so I will refrain.
It will just be an incredibly huge psychological hurdle and I'm ready to jump it AND I'll finally be below my delivery weight. I gained 70lbs with The Kid and I am more than ready to let all of that go. 

Borborygmus is in the house today!!!!!!!(isn't that word just terrifically ugly?)
Sleevie has been rumbling something fierce today and I'm not sure if its hunger, but it damn sure feels like it. I've heard some sleevesters say that is false hunger caused by acid production. I guess. I'm not sure I buy that pseudohunger BS because I'm on a PPI (reduces acid production) right freaking now and this feels remarkably familiar. I'm still happy that I had the surgery, its just not the teaspoon portions and no-hunger journey that I thought it would be.  I would do it again, don't get me wrong!



Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 8 post op

Sleevie made it through yesterday's ordeal unscathed and I'm just a little bit nervous about that.  I just had most of my stomach pulled out of a hole in my belly and nothing hurt. I was taking much bigger sips yesterday and I even managed to get down 3 protein shakes yesterday with no problem. I think I might need to go holla at my surgeon and make sure that didn't just put me to sleep and punch a few holes in my belly because this has been too easy. The weight is still tumbling off of me, so even if he did give me the placebo weight loss surgery, I'll friggin take it. We may just have to negotiate a small return of some of that 10 g's I handed over.

I'm new to the whole blogging game and although this is primarily about weight loss surgery, more specifically the VSG,  I don't think that I can limit my posts only to stuff related to Sleevie Wonder. I have a little boy about to turn 3 and a husband who's been my ride or die, shoot up in the club, buss a cap up in somebody's ass, gangsta for this whole ordeal. He has been super supportive and even when I'm being a raging lunatic he manages to bring to down to a level that acceptable for most social situations. I wouldn't trade his ass in for the shiny, 2011, turbo charged model. Since he's teaches science, I think I'll just call him Periodic Table from here on out.

Anyway, my parents are still here so I'm gonna get up and not have my back to them while I type away furiously on the keyboard


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 7 post op

29.5 is my weight lost to date.  I jumped on it, didn't like what I saw, went to pee and jumped right back on Bessie. Only then did she give me a number I felt would sufficiently please me. The day of surgery I was ???, and when I started my preop diet I was at least ???+20 because my magic any-weight-at-all-pants weren't working anymore. I'd broken The Pants!!!!!

I've been feeling really good with hardly any pain at all. I've still been lying around taking it easy though while my parents are here. I haven't really needed to take my pain medicine since Tuesday. The pain is manageable enough without it and honestly, I've never really been a big fan of las drogas. Anything that's going to alter my reality or perception I take as minimally as possible. Liquid codeine is not quite the same as taking a BC powder. The first night that I took it, it felt like my body was sinking into the mattress. I had these crazy ideas that I was sinking to Hades, but that if I was there wasn't really much that I could do about it. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. I was a wee bit elated to wake up in my own casa.

Anyway, I did an H. pylori test a month before surgery and it came out negative. Yesterday, I got a call from to doc saying that my path report had detected H. pylori so I had to send my husband to the pharmacy to pick up 140.00 dollars worth of freaking meds. One of three is a giant horsepill. This would have been SOOO much easier with my old 40 gallon, cast iron stomach. I tried crushing it, but the bittter taste persisted in my mouth for hours, and then it went from bitter to salty which kinda grossed me the hell out. Anyway, I get to test Sleevie Wonder's ability to process horse pills today.


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