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Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 8 post op

Sleevie made it through yesterday's ordeal unscathed and I'm just a little bit nervous about that.  I just had most of my stomach pulled out of a hole in my belly and nothing hurt. I was taking much bigger sips yesterday and I even managed to get down 3 protein shakes yesterday with no problem. I think I might need to go holla at my surgeon and make sure that didn't just put me to sleep and punch a few holes in my belly because this has been too easy. The weight is still tumbling off of me, so even if he did give me the placebo weight loss surgery, I'll friggin take it. We may just have to negotiate a small return of some of that 10 g's I handed over.

I'm new to the whole blogging game and although this is primarily about weight loss surgery, more specifically the VSG,  I don't think that I can limit my posts only to stuff related to Sleevie Wonder. I have a little boy about to turn 3 and a husband who's been my ride or die, shoot up in the club, buss a cap up in somebody's ass, gangsta for this whole ordeal. He has been super supportive and even when I'm being a raging lunatic he manages to bring to down to a level that acceptable for most social situations. I wouldn't trade his ass in for the shiny, 2011, turbo charged model. Since he's teaches science, I think I'll just call him Periodic Table from here on out.

Anyway, my parents are still here so I'm gonna get up and not have my back to them while I type away furiously on the keyboard


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