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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 9 post op


Wow, I'm so close to hitting a new notch on the scale I could really do a high kick right about now.I know that my back would go into spasm and it wouldn't be really pretty picking my big ass off the floor so I will refrain.
It will just be an incredibly huge psychological hurdle and I'm ready to jump it AND I'll finally be below my delivery weight. I gained 70lbs with The Kid and I am more than ready to let all of that go. 

Borborygmus is in the house today!!!!!!!(isn't that word just terrifically ugly?)
Sleevie has been rumbling something fierce today and I'm not sure if its hunger, but it damn sure feels like it. I've heard some sleevesters say that is false hunger caused by acid production. I guess. I'm not sure I buy that pseudohunger BS because I'm on a PPI (reduces acid production) right freaking now and this feels remarkably familiar. I'm still happy that I had the surgery, its just not the teaspoon portions and no-hunger journey that I thought it would be.  I would do it again, don't get me wrong!



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