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Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 11 post op

35.4 lost

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I did shake up my "food" routine and I felt so much better. Most docs stress protein, protein, protein!, but what good is having  body full of protein if you're bat shit crazy and drooling out of the mouth. I had a key lime yogurt and it really hit the spots. My body, not used to such rich and creamy tanginess, decided that it wanted it out of me ASAP. But bubble guts or not, I will ride the yoplait wave again today!

I do want to hit all of my nutrition goals, but before the surgery I'd gave some days that were better than others, and post surgically is no different. I'm not suddenly going to change into a whole new person. Even before surgery, I always tried to make better food choices. We ate relatively low carb, I cooked most dinner items from scratch, we kept no snacks in the house( Doritos and other mess like that), and I fried stuff like maybe 5 times a year....... Anyway I got in 40 grams of protein, so it wasn't a terrible day, I'll just try to get in more today. I cannot let myself worry about the little things like that.

I go see the surgeon today so I'll see what he has to say about my weight loss, my speed of healing, and all that jazz.


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