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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 12 post op


I went to see the Doc, well not really the doc but one of his nurses who had an accent that I couldn't place. He told me that I was doing well and that I should try to drink more water. I drove more than 35 miles of for them to tell me that everything was roses and rainbows, and I promise we were only there about 5 minutes. But that's WAAAY better than bad news. Oh yeah, the scale at the doctors office weighs a full pound less than my scale at the house and that's with my clothes on.

 Periodic Table and I took The Kid to "asee da toys" as he puts it. We had an enjoyable time, there were no tears when we left, and I spent only 5.99 plus tax to buy him "Atoppa Hat" (Sir Topham Hatt for those of you who don't speak toddler and think that Thomas is just the name of an english muffin) I was really, really, really tired when we got home, and I went to bed before 8. My in home RN (thank you Mom) woke me up to take my Hpyloricides. That mess makes my stomach hurt and luuuuckily I don't get the bg's, but I'll be so glad when I can stop taking them. I HATE taking pills.

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