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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 27 post op

I'll update my weights tomorrow b/c I am a sack of lazybones. I did lose though.

??3.8,  -.8 from yesterday,  41.4 to date

So I went to TOPS yesterday and I was the BIG winner for the week. The official weigh in lady said that I lost 4.5 lbs, but like I said before, I don't trust TOPS' lying ass scale. The meeting was actually pretty fun last night ( we played food bingo) and I volunteered to do a presentation during the month of April. While we do have a leader, all of the members area able to do presentations. Because I've gotten so many questions about my surgery, I think that I will do an informative lesson on the VSG and other lesser known weight surgeries.

Oh  yeah, my flippin pants almost fell off of me yesterday!!!! If I hadn't been walking right past the bathroom at that moment, I would have had a public wardrobe malfunction of epic proportions! An NSV if ever there was one.

I'd arranged for The Kid's birthday cake to be made by a really great local baker, but she had an unfortunate series of events and was unable to make it. She told me at about 10 am yesterday, but I was so busy FINALLY picking up my mother in law and getting stuff done that I didn't check it until 10pm. I had a minor freakout, but after me almost cussing somebody out and crying at Sam's today (don't even think of having the audacity to have them make something that isn't in their crappy ass book) I was finally able to find a bakery in my budget AND I was able to get the cake that I wanted. I'm sure that it will be taken out of a huge walk in freezer, thawed out, and topped with a chemical laden "buttercream" that will never, EVER, decompose, but its cake and it's a THOMAS cake. I know that my little boy will be happy.


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