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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 31 post op

??9.2 today, -.2 from yesterday,  44.3 to date

All of the assorted relatives who were here during the week are all gone. The Kid, Periodic Table and I just chillaxed for the entire day. The only reason I even got up to even comb the hair out of my eyes and make The Kid cover his nekkid booty is because my friend Headlights came by. She has the biggest, non-augmented boobs south of I-20. Seriously. We chitchatted for a while and then I came in and spend some quality time with the fam. I really like being a lazy bum.

Sleevie was acting up today!!! For dinner I made lamb and beef kabob, fava beans, and couscous. Super quick, super easy, and its a family favorite. I got got out my trusty food scale, measured out the appropriate portion of protein and proceeded to happily nosh on the small bite that I put in my mouth. It tasted great and after I chewed it to a pulp, it went down with nary a problem. I ate about 2 more bites, but then Sleevie hijacked the operation and his bipolar ass told me, " Look here, I am not having anymore of this, bish!" I was really taken by surprise because all of a sudden I was just queasy. I didn't feel like I wanted to throw up, but it was definitely my cue to cease and desist. For reasons unknown to my mouth a the rest of me, my tempermental ass sleeve decided to have a tantrum. It really bummed me the hell out because I had my mouth FIXED for that meal and I haven't really eaten anything good in a while. I guess I'll have to get his permission to have a protein shake or something. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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