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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 34 post op

Weight is the same from yesterday.

I went to TOPS yesterday and I took The Kid with me. Yesterday was "new" officer inauguration and we had a small potluck dinner. Things went really well and he was really well behaved, but one of the women there kept shushing him for the smallest things. He had the AUDACITY to yell out "Yaaaay" while we were clapping for awards and she shushed him. There is nothing formal about any of this TOPS crap, so I don't have any idea why she had her panties in a bunch. I actually got a little pissed about it because A) he's just a kid and B) he wasn't doing anything wrong. Then I got mad at myself for shushing him just so she would be quiet. I shouldn't have shushed him at all b/c the problem was ALL hers. I think that I am irrationally mad about it. I didn't say anything to her b/c she is damn near 90 and my mama raised me to respect my elders, but the more I sit here and type the more pissed I'm getting. UGH!

 Anyway, I'm here at my mom's house and she wants to make it a blockbuster night so I'm finna go y'all.


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