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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 35 post op

No idea what my weight is b/c I am at my mom's house.

It seems like Sleevie is becoming more and more sensitive as the days go on. I had some chicken with a tiny bit of completely, totally, no heat at all, basic, barebones BBQ sauce like I've eaten plenty of times before. For some reason, that ish had Sleevie doing acrobatics.Luckily, it was a localized disturbance and didn't travel anywhere else in my GI tract. Bubble guts always seem to happen at the wrong time. So far, this is the worst thing about the surgery. I hope that this intolerance gets better b/c I cannot imagine myself not being able to eat all of the stuff that I love.
Food Porn!!!! 

It seems like while Sleevie doesn't like spices, he can tolerate herbs really well so there will be a rosemary marinated ribeye steak in my future. Luckily, he doesn't have a vampiric reaction to garlic b/c I would just have to swan dive off of a high rise building. I really love to cook and surgery or not, I still love really great food. I am SO pouting right now. Sleevie, you can suck it!!


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