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Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 36 post op

Still at my parents house so I'm not weighing.

I went to Lane Bryant to buy Right Fit jeans because those are the only jeans that I wear. I LOVE this line b/c I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my big legs and my much smaller waist simultaneously, and no matter what the style ( slacks, trousers, skinny jeans, denim trouser, WHATEVER) I can pick up my size and know that they will fit without me ever having to try them on. Imagine my dismnay when I went to the store today and found out that they are "revamping" the entire line. I was SERIOUSLY aggravated. They only had a small shelf that held the store's entire inventory and none of them were in my size.(two sizes smaller than the ones I have BTW.) All of my pants are falling off of me and I needed to buy a new pair today. Not tomorrow, not a few weeks from now TODAY!!  My sister who was with me asked me, " Why don't you just try some other pants on?" Well, my dearest hermana, I won't try on any other pants b/c I don't want to be in the fitting room surrounded by 15 pair of pants on the ground that don't fit. I HATE shopping for pants. Even before I gained any weight at all, I didn't have an off the rack body. I should be really excited about "looking like a foo' wit' my pants on the ground", but without anything else to wear, it's not the most exciting thing.


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