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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 40 post op

??5.8 today, -3.0 from the last time, 47.7 to date

I am SO glad to be home and finally weight myself. I think that my weight is far enough below the new notch that even the few random lbs I gain for no apparent reason won't be enough to put me back over. It was really a good experience for me to break routine though. Not weighing my food allowed me to actually test Sleevie's capacity a bit more. Other than me eating a rib WAY too fast and having a bit of the foamies, everything was good. I ate a little bit of everything-the top off of pizza, meatloaf,  fried shrimp, birthday cake, barbacoa, popcorn chicken- and none of it was "diet" food. Even still, I managed to do really well with my weight loss for the week. I do try to stay mindful of my carbs, though and I don't eat any bread, rice, or pasta AT ALL!

I can't trust my eyes though. Those sneaky, no good, traitorous, mofos, really had me convinced that I had gained weight.( add to that the fact that I wasn't doing my daily weigh ins) I was certain that my face was fatter, but as soon as I got home Periodic Table's mouth fell open b/c he couldn't believe what a difference that week made. The crazies are real, people.



  1. I am enjoying reading about your journey with your weight loss. This must be an amazing experience to go through.

  2. Definitely the journey seems amazing, and the way you are losing your weight is awesome, I am enjoying your experience.


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