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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 26 post op

??4.6. today,  +.2 from yesterday,   40.6 to date.

I am sending a blog entry from my raggedy cell phone. This might not be so bad if i had a real keyboard. I am tired of pecking at this dinosaur already. Lol

So my mother in law FINALLY got here today. She was supposed to get here on Saturday, but there were weather delays and then mechanical delays, so she's just now getting here three days later.  The Kid was so happy to see her that he unbuckled himself from his carseat at the airport. I'm glad that's she's finally here. Being in limbo sucks.

I've been taking fewer and fewer protein shakes, so the number of meals that I can eat is increasing.  I guess one day I'll know how much I can eat, but for now I've just been measuring my meals between 2 and 3 ozs. I usually never finish them, but I think its because I'm afraid of breaking Sleevie. I just have no idea what full feels like with my new stomach and I really don't want to press my luck. The day that I do I'll wind up with a whammy and I don't want to know what that will mean. I've been looking around and there really seems to be an enormous amount of variety with the different amounts that people with the VSG can eat. I'm convinced that I can eat more than the average person, but that's just me being crazy and I have absolutely no evidence to back that up. I think I'm becoming slightly neurotic about my food and water. Seriously, I ate less than 3ozs of food and I'm worried that I ate too much??? I eat my meals on a saucer and I'm worried that I eat too much?Ugh. Its too late for me to ponder the intricacies of the workings of my mind tonight.


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