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Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 42 post op

??6.0 to date,  +0.2 from yesterday,  47.5 to date

For some odd reason, I couldn't comment on my post as much as I tried. Just know that I appreciate all of you being here and I do read the comments. This sounds SO cheesy, but without yall there wouldn't be much reason for me to sit here and peck away at the keyboard like I do. I never read my own stuff. Oh yeah this is the perfect segue into this- I was looking at some old stuff in my documents on my computer and I found a word document that had only this

If only someone else would pay the bills and mind the children, we could all pursue or creative dreams rather than murder our souls to pay the mortgage.

I'm not sure if I wrote that or not but I'm sure that Periodic Table didn't. I googled the phrase to see if it popped up in search results, but it didn't. Of course I'd like to take credit for something that sounds so profound, so erudite, but I just don't know. (Anyway, what about the poor saps who get stuck watching the kids?) Off to some Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy related stuff.

Today the Mr. and I ( along with  The Kid of course) went to Sam's and spent WAAAAAAY too much money. We bought a crapload of different cheeses, ready to eat beef fajita meat,guacamole, chicken wings and other parts of the bird, more protein shakes, meatballs, shrimp, salmon, angus beef, broccoli, and this list isn't even close to being exhaustive. All of it is high protein, low carb, and great for the crazy, unstable, multiple personality having ass sleeve that is now residing in my body. Lately, he's been ok with cheese so I'm going to eat as much of that as he will allow because there is nothing more yummy than rotted milk pressed, formed, coagulated and coaxed into an entirely different form. MMMMMMMMMM!!!

Well it looks like dinner is in the works ( thanks to good ole PT) so I'm finna run.


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