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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 43 post op

I'm not sure what my weight is but I DID weigh today. As soon as I walked to the computer, I had a complete memory lapse. I do know that it was higher than yesterday, but since I'm not sure of the exact number, instead of my weight, you are left with the ramblings of a kinda-crazy woman. :)

My last minute ass just came back from getting The Kid some stuff to put into his Easter pail. Unlike someone I know who likes to keep holiday candy to a minimun( hey you, I stole your goldfish idea), I can't help myself. I bought him a big, honking mass of chocolatey, rabbity, goodness. I do keep sweets to a minimum for the entire family's sake, but I just HAD to buy him this chocolate rabbit!!!!. I know that it is going to be every square millimeter of exposed skin ( and maybe some that isn't), and that I will be the one to clean his little behind up, but I know that he will enjoy it.

Anyway, because I am I procrastinator and I haven't packed up anything at all, I have to run and get ready for the 2 hour drive to my parents house. Periodic Table has a mountain of paperwork to get through, so its just gonna be me and my bambino cruising down the highway. Don't eat too many chocolate bunnies, yall!!!!!


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