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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 46 post op. Weight loss stalled

??6.0, prety much the friggin same as it has been.

I haven't lost any weight at all this week and I am pretty bummed about it. I've been following the caloric guidelines, the carb guidelines, the water guidelines, the protein guidelines ALL of the things that I am suppsed to do and my ass didn't lose weight this week. Even though I know that you don't lose weight every single week, I guess that I secretly hoped that I'd be the exception. I also hoped that I'd be the one whose rolls vanished right after I got up off of the gurney. On top of that, my post baby belly, nothing you EVER want to see outside of maybe a small group of freaky stretch mark fetishists, still looks sad. And even though I am fitting into smaller sizes and I have a little more swagger in my step, I'm having a bad day today.

The VSG, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Resection, or whatever you cool cats wanna call it, isn't magic. My rational mind knows that; my irrational mind is kind of hoping that it IS magic. Then, when it turns out not to be magic( because the surgery isn't a time machine nor can it deny the laws of physics, biology or anything else for that matter) I am disappointed. I feel like I want to crawl into that bubbling cauldron of too big clothes, 3 lbs excess adipose tissue,a drop of surgical glue, a handful of horsepills, a bag of IV fluid, 5 scoops of protein powder, and the sweat of 3 overworked
RN's and see if maybe some of the magic will jump onto me.



  1. Its impossible for you to NOT lose weight. You'll be okay.

  2. Thanks John or Jane Doe. I tell myself the same thing ALL the time. But as I've said in earlier posts, the crazies are


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