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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 52 post op

??4.2 to date, +1.2 from last time,  50.3 to date

Hello yall! I'm just sitting her at the computer trying to remember of the stuff that my addled brain forgot to tell you last week.
Monday (LAST  week), I had a check up at the doc's office and just like last time, it was a big waste of gas. I really wish that I could just call in with my weight and save myself the trip to Carrollton. Yeah, I pretty much got weighed and that was it. I understand that the VSG is pretty much a set it and forget type of surgery, but I don't want to feel like I'm being rushed out. You know what?? Instead of telling you guys, I'm gonna tell them over at the office how I feel. Maybe that will be the better option. They ARE really nice over there.

Oh yeah, I ALSO forgot to tell you that I won 3 awards at TOPS last week. I won "Best Tops" for March, for going to meetings 4 weeks in a row, AND here's the biggie, for losing weight AFTER Christmas. The coolest part is that the awards are little charms or pins. Lol, I'm a gangsta who likes these cute little charms...hahaha

Well, I gotta go and get something done before the Mr. comes home.


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