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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 54 post op Sleevie Wonder is realer than the Tooth Fairy

??1.4 today, -1.2 from yesterday, 52.1 to date.

A good friend of mine had the lapband last July and she was one of the big reasons that I had surgery and I tell her all the time that she is my shero ( a she hero). She has a dedication and motivation the likes of which I rarely see. She's lost more than 80 lbs and she is now a competitive runner. In the last race that she ran, she came in 8th place of over 100 in her division. That is SO incredible. I talked to her just yesterday and she's considering training for a triathalon. My ass is lazy, I don't like to be outside (because I'm a bug weenie), and I don't have much staying power, but I think that with Sleevie and Shero on my team I'll be off to a staggering, heavy breathing good start.

Look what you can do with bargain basement photo shop skills and too much time on your hands. I need to watermark this immaculate, immaculateness because there are some conniving, thieving, copy paste, heathens

who would love to take my Sleevie away and claim him as their own. If any of you EVER see this anywhere else, immediately send a cease and desist letter, and then we'll roll up on them chumps with some eye bussin', pistola poppin, Colombian neck tyin, kick ass and take names later, ferocity.  Actually, I'm finna watermark this precious gem right now. Anway, I gotta go be a wife and a mother so I'm gonna take off my gangsta do rag and talk to you guys later.


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  1. So great to have someone to look up to :) You and your friend have both done wonderful!


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