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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 55 post op My VSG is working

??0.8,  -0.6 from yesterday,  52.7 to date

Three is the age of my offspring, the number of times I think about cake every day, and it is also the number of consecutive days that I have lost weight!!! Woohoo!
 I just got back from seeing Headlights ( who has been a BIG support for me through this entire ordeal) and she told me that my face was getting thinner. It looks a tiny bit thinner to me, but I really don't see it. Since we've already talked about how crazy my eyes are, and because she's not one to say things lightly, I'll gladly take her word for it.

This morning I didn't have my usual protein shake because I . Am. Tired. Of. Them. Imagine 11 ozs of water with  a few vitamins and a few spoonfuls of chocolate syrup, and there you will have my approximation of what this shake tastes like. Its not bad, its just not good. Instead I had a heavenly hunk of havarti with a couple of crackers and good ole Sleevie was jocund, jovial, and joyful! Lately, Sleevie and my mouth haven't been seeing eye to eye so this armistice is roses and rainbows. Hopefully this cease fire won't have been dissolved when I wake up in the A.M.

Well, I'm off to bed.


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