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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 61 post op

??4.6 to date,   -1.4 from yesterday,  58.8 to date

Well, I went to Tops last night and I had the presentation and it went really well. I'd gotten so many questions about my surgery that I decided to do a presentation on the VSG( and a few other bariatric surgeries). Even though it had been explained to them before, actually drawing my reworked innards on a dry erase board was the a-ha moment. I think it was a nice change from our usual calorie counting, exercise type presentations.

Our chapter needs to have a fundraiser soon, but all they've come up with is a silent auction. That basically entails us buying one another's junk gently used items. I'm trying to get the jetsam and flotsam out of my house, NOT bring any in. If you guys have any ideas for a fundraiser, I'm all ears.

The Dog and The Kid are working my last nerve this morning. The Dog wants to be with The Kid, but The Kid is being a moody toddler this A.M. and he keeps running to me and telling me that The Dog is licking him. Ugh. One of them is about to go outside, I just haven't made up my mind which one.

Well, I gotta run, ya'll



  1. A fundraiser how fun! Of course I immediately thought bake sale .... duhhhh me:))))) that really wouldn't be appropriate! Are the TOPS members the only ones coming to the fundraiser? Im a geek, I always like crafts and such ... we have a lot of those in our area when there is a benefit and they are always a big hit.

  2. I like crafts, too. I'm not sure if it will only be TOPS members, but I'm fairly certain that if we were to do something crafty we'd reach out to the community. I'll bring that idea up next week. :D


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