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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 68 post op

??3.6,  -0.2 from last time, 59.8 to date

For the past few days I've been really feeling a lot of restriction. I've been only able to eat tiny amounts and its really been getting on my nerves. In fact, a lot of stuff has been getting on my nerves.

The other night, we ordered food and I was only able to eat a bit. I went to the bedroom to watch my shows that I'd dvr'ed and when I came back all of the food was gone. I was just like, " Come on. Just because I only ate a tiny amount doesn't mean that I might not want more later." I was absolutely fuming and in fact I was still po'ed about it when I woke up the  next morning.

I went to TOPS last night and ended up leaving in a huff b/c I was just irritated at an ASS-inine comment that one of the members made. She said, ' There has been something on my chest and I want to get it off. Now I want you to know that I love you, " pointing to me and her blood sister," as TOPS sisters and a real sister, but the name of the group is TOPS taking off pounds sensibly and I think that if you had surgery that's not taking it off sensibly." I just said, " Oh hell no," snatched up my stuff and made my way for the door. As I was leaving, she said, " Oh no, I didn't mean anything." Oh yes the hell you did, ma'am!!! I continued my egress in dramatic, queeny, fashion only to realize that I left my phone on the table. UGH! My life long dream having exactly THIS kind of episode, and its foiled by my raggedy ass cell phone. I stormed back in, got my phone, and asked Bertha ( who I love dearly) for her number so that I could call her later. When I did talk to her after the meeting,  she told me that she basically told them that they need some vitality in the group and that they needed to wake up. I really like her. Anyway, I guess I'll go back next week if only to tell them about themselves.

Well, I'm finna get up and clean my dirty house.



  1. OH wow! I hate that people just don't understand about the sleeve and so they make ingnorant comments. My brother thinks I'm "cheating". I hate that, How do you cheat a loosing weight? It's not a board game or a competition so how do you cheat? Plus it is sensible if nothing else has worked. What is not sensible is to continue to be big and unhealthy. Improving yourself any way that works is the sensible thing to do. So you can tell them all to go hump themselves and try not to fall off their pedistals while they are at it.

  2. LOL! I LOVE your response, Raven. "Go hump yourself" is so much nicer than what I was saying in my head. I agree with you 110%.

    Thank you for your response.

  3. I think I love you. LOL! I just read every single blog of yours since day one. I'm really inspired by you and excited for my surgery! And I love the way you write. I feel like we're BFF's. You seem so "real". Can't wait til we're losing TOGETHER! can I see a before and now pic?? you can privately send it to me on facebook if you're willing... keep up the great work and phenomenal writing!

  4. Thanks so much Sherry. I just looked at your comment and all I could say was ," Awwwwwww." That us absolutely the nicest thing that I have heard all day. It really means a LOT to me that you guys are here to share this with me.


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