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Monday, May 31, 2010

VSG surgery 101....happy birthday to the cake murderer

??4.something, it was a loss I just don't know how much, ???

I've been really busy and on the go, so I haven't really been remembering my weights and on top of that, I seem to be misplacing my book.

This is gonna be short and sweet, but I just wanted to tell you guys that I had one single, solitary, slice of cake. That's it!!! It was enough to satisfy my cravings. From somebody who was stop-and-call-the-motherfrickin-coroner-and-the- popo-cause-I-just-KILLED-this-entire-cake that's something to tell y'all about. Bakricide, the killing of pastries, is a serious problem in America. If you are someone you love is suffering from this horrific addiction, please call the SEB, the Society of the Eradication of Bakricide, at 1-866-EAT-CAKE .

Sunday, May 30, 2010

VSG Surgery 100.....

??5.0,  +0.8 from last weight,  69.4 pounds lost to date.

I REEEEEALY want to hit 75 lbs lost. 50 wasn't a big deal for me, but 75 is just such a milestone for me. Its way more than 1/2 way to where I want to be. I've been SO close to it these past few weeks and this whole dancing around it thing is really working my nerves. Bessie needs to move. Where I'm at now, its cost me about 142.00 per pound. That is SO not a bargain.

So this morning I drank a protein shake and Sleevie didn't seem too happy about it. He wasn't having a full blown tantrum, but he did express mild disappointment. Maybe I drank it too fast for his liking, but whatever it was he wasn't in the best of moods. I'm drinking water right now as I type this and my stomach still doesn't feel completely settled. By the way, I hate water. Others assume that I love it because I drink so much of it, but really I just drink it so that I don't die............or turn into a zombie.............or Ashy Larry .

On a good note, I've been super diligent about taking my vitamins and my B12. I'm very surprised because that is not me at all. I don't do anything the way I'm supposed to do it. Would somebody come by and check on me to make sure that I'm still me? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Well, I'm out like Jheri curls.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

VSG surgery 99 I got 99 problems and a sexy shoe aint one

I've been so busy ripping and running that I forgot my weight. It hasn't really changed much in the past couple weeks though.

I was busy all day yesterday at my nephew's graduation and my parents are here so I had to make myself sit down and carve out some time to talk to you guys. I've just been SUPER busy, and I really like it. Even though Bessie is doing a do-si-do around the same number, I'm still SO happy with the changes that surgery has brought forth.

Before the surgery, I turned down invitations everywhere because it was just too much trouble. It was too much trouble trying to find something that fit, and if it did fit,I'd have to worry about it flattering my shape ( which is much less dodecahedron by the way and more hourglassy) There's not even really too much that you can wear when you're really big. It was too much trouble to always be on guard for those , " You've gained so much weight." comments. It. Was.Too. Much. Trouble. Period. 

Here in the past few weeks I've gone shopping for clothes, shoes, LOTS of fabulous jewelery. I knew that I didn't like being fat, but until I started peeling back the layers, I didn't realize how much it affected the way I felt about myself. I never wore my jewelry or did my nails, not because I was lazy, but because somewhere inside, I felt like I wasn't worth the trouble. Before I lost weight, I was never a slob and I always dressed well when I left the house, but I never did any of the extras. It feels really good to be doing the extras again.

<----------------Look at the extras!!!! : )


Thursday, May 27, 2010

VSG surgery 97

??4.2 weight today,  2.2 lbs lost from last weight, 70.2 lbs lost to date.

I sure hope that my math is

Hello beautiful people of the Wane-o-sphere, how are you doing today? I just finished my Premier Protein Shake as I usually do and now I'm just lazing about not doing anything. My mind is a muddled mess of all kinds of stuff that I want to tell you guys. I have to edit myself so that my posts don't turn into novellas, which means that I have to cram stuff BACK into my mind so that I can tell you at a later date. UGH, so if this post is all over the place, just know that you have already been warned.

The first order of business is that my birthday is coming up on the 31st!!! The PO box is open for business cause I'm not one of those altruistic people that wants you to make donations in my name to my favorite organization. Pshaw to that!  Kimberly, if you're reading this you need to create a Cupcake-O-The-Month club so that somebody can buy me a birthday subscription. Like, I've said though, I'm not picky. I'll take gift cards, bottles of hard liquor, cash, a Snuggie, an IOU for cleaning out my closet sometime in the next 6 months, a bucket of buttercream icing, or a self twirling spaghetti fork.

For about the past week the 3 largest incisions have my iiiiiiiiiii-tchy. They are a bit hypertrophic, so I'm hoping that they will flatten out more as time progresses. The two smallest ones ( smaller than an eraser) are pretty much well healed and they kinda look like my old chicken pox scars.The pic is of one of my small scars that is just below the midline my breastbone. I tried sending pics of the three largest scars, but my phone is being difficult ( Oh yeah, THAT can be added to the list, too) Anyway, I'm gonna get up and get moving. Since losing all of this weight, I find that I'm not happy just sitting around like I used to.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

VSG Surgery....I promise I'll figure it out sooner or later :)

??6.4 today,  +5.0 from that freakishly low weight last week, and I'll calculate my total when I find my book.

Looks like that sneaky tramp Addie is up to her old tricks again. My eating was pretty much normal so I'm not sure why her and Bessie are in a conspiracy against me. Now I'm just waiting for Sleevie to jump his ass in the mix so that I can have a triumvirate of traitorous tramps. Et tu, Sleevie?? Anyway, good ole PT said that I looked smaller, and I think that I did, too. So they can all bite my rapidly reducing rump.

Oh yeah, speaking of rapidly reducing, I have a new cup size and I am happier than panty bandit in a sorority house. I bought a new bra, wore it out of the store, and threw the old one out of the window as the made our way down the road. A DDD might sound big, but coming from a G ( 3 freaking sizes!!), those 3 D's mean Definitely Delightful Day. I no longer need the world's largest bra.

The vacay was AWESOME. I had a high heel wearing, karaoke singing, table dancing, crawling in at god-knows-when o'clock good time!!! I woke up at about 11 and hit the streets running, coming home only long enough to get showered and dressed for another night on the town. It was exhilarating AND exhausting. In fact, I need to go to sleep right


Monday, May 24, 2010

VSG surgery day STILL don't know

Oh yeah.

HEY!!!! VSG surgery date who the hell knows

Well  I had in incredible time visiting my hometown and I was SOOOO busy that I didn't even have 10 minutes to sit down and type a proper blog post. If I wasn't out and about on the town, I was sleeping so that I could recharge my batteries so that I could go out again. I reactivated dormant energy stores that I really believed had vanished. It was friggin awesome. I'm not at home, so if I don't collapse when I cross the threshold, I'll give you guys some of the deets. I will talk to you guys soon.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VSG surgery 89

These are yesterdays weights. I'm at my parent's house.

??1.4 weight today,   -6.0 lbs from last weight,  73 pounds lost total

My body is being crazy again. From Monday to Tuesday, I lost 3.6 lbs. When I got on the scale it surprised the hayl outta me. The body does what the body wants. I made doubly sure that I got my water and protein yesterday.

So my checkup on Monday went really well. I was very surprised to learn that I'd lost 20lbs since the last visit. It was the usual weight, blood pressure, and how've you been eating and drinking thing. I made sure that I took all of the time that I needed so that I didn't leave feeling rushed.

I made it to 'Ta Falls ( what The Kid calls my hometown) so that I could be at my neice's HeadStart graduation. My sister sent out invites, reminders on the Book of Faces, text messages, smoke signals, morse code, and I'm pretty sure that if she could have taken an ad out on primetime TV, she would have. It went pretty much like any other pre-k graduation in the US of A-kids not singing the songs, kids arguing on stage, a couple of kids who wouldn't stop crying, kids who couldn't stop waving at their familes, and about 3 who actually did what they were supposed to. My neice was not among those

I made sure to bring a case of my Premier Protein shakes because being at my parents house is not conducive to good eating. I also packed some string cheese, roast beef, edamame, vegetable beef soup, and some water. I gotta be prepared at all times.

Wel, I'm gonna get up and enjoy the rest of the day with my family.


Monday, May 17, 2010

VSG surgery 87

I just want you guys to know that I went to bed feeling a bit better and I woke up today feeling even better than that.  For a while now, y'all can stop calling me Whining Woman. :D

 I'll write some more a bit later.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first "rude" comment

Damn, I hit the big time yall. Check it

VSG 86 Bummed out bum

??7.4 weight today,  1.6 lbs lost from last weight,  67 pounds lost total

"Yay for me, " I say halfheartedly through the thick cloud of funk that surrounds me. I'm losing weight well, and I'm at the lowest weight since I started on this swashbuckling adventure so let me get that out of the way before I start in on the whine and cheese platter.
This week, I've really not been feeling my usual upbeat self. I feel like I need something, but I don't know what that something is. Hopefully, this temporary void, this uneasiness in my chest, will heal up on its own and all of this heaviness will just vanish back into the valley whence it came. Its really hard to describe something when I don't even know what it is. I'm just feeling really bummed.
I'm wearing more and more prepreggo stuff ( and even some of that is getting loose), I'm more social, more active. All of that good stuff that comes with VSG surgery is manifest is my life right at this moment, and while I appreciate it, I'm not in the headspace to celebrate it. Maybe someone would psychoanalyze me and say that I'm missing my old friend Food.  Maybe I need food. Or friends. Or friends with the hell really knows. Anyway, thanks for being here with me ( and if you're coming with food, please bring vegetarian samosas)....


Friday, May 14, 2010

VSG surgery 84..............the crazies

I don't feel like looking back at my old posts to see how much my weight changed from the last weigh in.

 ??9.0 weight today ( it was the same yesterday) and my total weight lost is 65.4

Ok, so for the past couple of days, I've been plagued by the reoccurring fear that my surgery won't work. I tried talking to my mom about it, but she just told me "not to be negative". While she probably said the only thing that she new how so say, it wasn't exactly what I needed to hear. I'm not being negative, I'm being CRAZY!  But then, what if I'm not being crazy and I really do stop losing weight. UGH! I just don't know.

Of course I want it to work, and work well. I want to not be fat. I want be able to wear clothes and not worry about pieces of Addie sticking out. I want to be able to do all of stuff that people without any sort of weight problems/drama/issues/ etc do. I STILL want to snap my fingers and just be the weight that I want to be. All of this stuff about "appreciating the journey" is a big load of crap. Working hard for stuff is overrated. The only people who "appreciate" hard work are the people who HAVE to do it. Ask Paris Hilton or any number of trust fund babies and I'm sure they will agree with me that the "hard work/ satisfaction myth" is just something that poor saps of the word fool themselves into believing...... I JUST WANT THE WEIGHT GONE and maybe I won't be so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

VSG surgery 82

I weighed myself, but I didn't write it down. Instead of guessing ( even though I'm pretty sure I was down 4/10ths) I'll just make sure that I write it down tomorrow. I jut found my little weight book, so I definitely will have a weight tomorrow.

So I went back to TOPS last night, and it was a big, fat, non-event. Even though I went into the kind of tantrum-y dramatics reserved for toddlers, divas, or diva toddlers I really didn't want any fanfare and  frippery upon my return. I was glad that I went because Bertha graduated from a TOPS ( taking off pounds sensibly) to a KOPS ( keeping off pounds sensibly) because she finally hit her goal weight. I was probably more excited for her than I would have been if it had happened to me. That was really cool :)

On Mother's Day I was really peeved, because I drove all the way to North Dallas for Ethiopian food and I could barely eat any. I ordered lega tibs ( sauteed cubed beef with onions, pepper, tomato, ginger, rosemary and other spices) and the vegetarian combo ( different varieties of lentils, spinach, cabbage, onion and carrots, sald with lemon vinaigrette). It was slap ya mama, 3 snaps in a "Z" formation, don't touch my food or you're liable to get your fingers bit, kind of good. I loaded up my saucer with the lega tibs and a small bit of the lentils and I ate just a few bites and I felt it in my throaK. I knew that if I had the injera (this spongy bread on which the food is served on and you also use to eat it with) I would have been as bloated as a tick in the pound on a June afternoon, but I didn't even touch the stuff!!!! UGH.

I know that I signed up for surgery, but sometimes I just want to eat what I want to eat. On the other hand I want to lose weight the way that I've been losing weight, but its....... I don't know. The only solution that really works for me doesn't exist anywhere in the universe. I want to eat how much I want to eat AND I want to lose the amount of weight that I want to lose. On some days both my stomach and my appetite are sated, Sunday was just not one of those days. Oh yeah, and if you ever meet me on the streets and I'm having a one of these days, do NOT tell me that's what I signed up for. First off, I don't wanna hear that and secondly, I signed up for the Magic VSG, I just got stuck with this one.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

VSG surgery 81.

?0.6 weight today,  +0.6 lbs from last weight,  63.8 pounds lost total

I didn't blog yesterday, but my weight was at ??9.6 and today it was ??0.6. UGH!!!!! When that second number moves, that is some great stuff. My crazy adipose tissue decided that it liked the old number better, but I'm hoping that if I try to talk to some sense into it ( you know its damned hard to reason with the unreasonable), we can all agree to settle to the newer, lower number for a while.

 My crazy, stubborn, fat, my adipose tissue, is now going to be known as Addie. Lol. She's just as dramatic as Sleevie Wonder, but a little more sneaky. She has absolutely no home training ( or broughtupsy if any of you happen to be Jamaican), trips little old ladies, shoplifts from dollar tree, pinches money out of the offering plate at church, and snatches pacifiers out of babies' mouths. I've sent her eviction notices, hell I've even written her a few "Dear John" letters, but she always comes back and its usually with family. Adam, Adara, Adele, Adiah, Adrian, Adeline, Aden, Adair, Adnan, Adolfo, Adelle, Adelyn, and many others have at one point or another moved in with Addie. They're like the friggin Duggars (except that they're the McFattersons)!!!!!! Anyway, I'm thinking of sending her to boarding school b/c I get the employee discount. I'll let y'all know how that goes.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

VSG surgery 79 Mother's Day and clothes

I'm not sure what my weight is because I woke up and took my brother in law and girlfriend to the airport this morning. I just jumped into a pair of shoes and left Bessie in the cloud of dust in my wake.

No matter what the scale says, I. Am. Shrinking. I bought some pants last month and now they are on the verge of being too big. Also, this weekend I wore my prepreggo pants that I ska-weezed into and I am happy to announce that they no longer fit like shrink wrap. Woohoo !! Now  I can wear them in public and not look like some freaky S&M recruitment camp escapee.

I also wanted to say Happy Mother's Day!
 My Mother's day included Ethiopian food, sleeping on the sofa, cleaning up poo, a cup of spilled water and tears. (Any of the aforementioned activities may or may have not have included me and the list of activities is subject to change.)  Seriously though, the family had a really great day. I love The Kid and I love Periodic Table. That is all.

Oh yeah, if any of you guys are around next year on Mother's Day, feel free to contact Freed's Bakery or (Love at First Bite Bakery if you're local) and have them make me that cake for Mother's Day. I'm not a picky person so if you want to have the cake made for my birthday, Father's Day, Halloween, 4th of July, Groundhog Day, Labor Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Losing 65 lbs Day, Losing 65.1 lbs Day, YOUR birthday, or any number of the holidays not mentioned on my list you will not hear me complaining.
Well, its closing in on midnight. Adios!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

VSG surgery Day 76 just the weight

??0.0 weight today, -0.6 lbs from last weight,  64.4 pounds lost

My brother in law and his fiance are here and we are spending some great, quality time together. I'll see you guys soon!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

VSG surgery day 75

??0.6 weight today,  1.0 lb lost from last weight,  63.8 lbs lost to date

I didn't go to TOPS last night because I was in a frenzy trying to get the house spic and span for my brother in law to visit. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, a bat out of hell (and whatever other animal you want to throw into the menagerie) only to realize that he gets in tomorrow. Oh well, at least I won't have much to do tonight.

I really didn't mind not going to TOPS because the passive aggressive part of me secretly delights in the idea that they think I'm not coming back. Hey, I'm just being honest. I got an apology a few days ago from the offending party AND I even got a phone call from the area director of TOPS telling me that I was doing really well and that she was proud of me. I was just kind of taken aback by that second phone call and I was like, "Uhhhh, thanks? Can you call me back because I'm on the phone with t-mobile?" LOL. I really was on the phone with t-mobile. The phone calls were a nice touch though.

This morning, I've been feeling slightly nauseous. I had some peanut butter and about a half way through the spoon, Sleevie started to express his discomfort. A bit later, I decided to have a wasa cracker with cream cheese and I took one bite, and Sleevie started acting up again. UGH! So we'll just have to see. Hopefully his behavior will improve and then I can give him a reward. If not he's going to obedience school!


Monday, May 3, 2010

VSG surgery day 73

??2.1 weight today,  0.9 lbs lost from last weight,  62.3 lbs lost date

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Other than the traffic over by Trintiy Park being nervewrackingly atrocious, it was good for me to get out and see the sights in another part of the Metroplex. Mayfest itself was overly crowded, overly expensive, with overly long lines and not really too much to do for adults, but I had really great company so all of the overlies didn't really bother me.

I took a bottle of water with my thinking that 20 ozs would be enough, but I was paaaaarched. I would have gotten something to drink, but just looking at the overly long lines defeated me. So for about 2 hours, my thirst kept me company and then he decided to invite hunger to the party.Just about the time I thought I was going to keel over, we were leaving and on our way to Central Market. Whew.  Now I know that I need to keep some protein snacks in purse at all times and larger quantity of water with me, too.

It was so great being able to walk around ( at a decent pace, mind you) and not feel winded. I walked several miles yesterday and it really made me feel like...all of this is real. Even if the scale is doing some sort of crazy dance all over the place, these small victories are not bound to the number on Bessie. How can you measure the freedom to walk and not get tired? What units would you use to describe the feeling of realizing "damn, this really is happening."?  ..hmmmmmm......Yesterday was a REALLY good day.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

VSG surgery day 72

??2.0 weight today,  1.0 lbs lost from last weight,  61.4 to date.

So for the past few days my weight has been up and down and I didn't really lose all that much from last week, so it was certainly good to see it headed in the right way this morning It's my lowest post-surgical weight to date
: )

For the past few days, haven't really wanted to eat anything. I've been hungry, but I've not had the motivation to get up and do anything about it. It's the kind if hunger that travels up from your stomach and ends in your throaK. I really don't know if its just laziness or something else, but I am REALLY gonna try to make sure that this doesn't become in issue for me. I have zero appetite and nothing really sounds appealing to me at all ( well other than cake but you guys already know that) Until this funk or whatever passes, I'm gonna make sure that I am on top of my protein game and chugalug these Premier Protein Shakes.

Thanks to the VSG and me getting my swagger back, my busy bee ass was buzzing all over the Metroplex this weekend. Last night I went out with Headlights and IHOP ( if you saw her you'd understand her name) channeled my inner 21 year old and cut the hell up. We went to a house party and then later on we brought in midnight hour at a different venue with the kind of fun that really shouldn't be discussed in this blog.... HEY NOW!!!! In order to protect the not so innocent all I will say is a great time was had by all.

Well, my little social butterfly self is about to get off the computer and get ready to go meet Shero over in Ft. Worth so that I can continue my action packed weekend.

Oh yeah a word of advice.


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