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Sunday, May 16, 2010

VSG 86 Bummed out bum

??7.4 weight today,  1.6 lbs lost from last weight,  67 pounds lost total

"Yay for me, " I say halfheartedly through the thick cloud of funk that surrounds me. I'm losing weight well, and I'm at the lowest weight since I started on this swashbuckling adventure so let me get that out of the way before I start in on the whine and cheese platter.
This week, I've really not been feeling my usual upbeat self. I feel like I need something, but I don't know what that something is. Hopefully, this temporary void, this uneasiness in my chest, will heal up on its own and all of this heaviness will just vanish back into the valley whence it came. Its really hard to describe something when I don't even know what it is. I'm just feeling really bummed.
I'm wearing more and more prepreggo stuff ( and even some of that is getting loose), I'm more social, more active. All of that good stuff that comes with VSG surgery is manifest is my life right at this moment, and while I appreciate it, I'm not in the headspace to celebrate it. Maybe someone would psychoanalyze me and say that I'm missing my old friend Food.  Maybe I need food. Or friends. Or friends with the hell really knows. Anyway, thanks for being here with me ( and if you're coming with food, please bring vegetarian samosas)....



  1. Sorry you are having a tough week. But we all have up and down moods, there isn't nessissarily a reason for it. It will pass. Just give it time and try to distract yourself

  2. Thanks Raven. I think I'm gonna get up and take The Kid to the movies and see if that makes me feel better. I love him SOOOOO much.

  3. I don't have food, but I do have a toddler! We should get them together sometime for a playdate. I think it would be good for us all!!


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