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Sunday, May 9, 2010

VSG surgery 79 Mother's Day and clothes

I'm not sure what my weight is because I woke up and took my brother in law and girlfriend to the airport this morning. I just jumped into a pair of shoes and left Bessie in the cloud of dust in my wake.

No matter what the scale says, I. Am. Shrinking. I bought some pants last month and now they are on the verge of being too big. Also, this weekend I wore my prepreggo pants that I ska-weezed into and I am happy to announce that they no longer fit like shrink wrap. Woohoo !! Now  I can wear them in public and not look like some freaky S&M recruitment camp escapee.

I also wanted to say Happy Mother's Day!
 My Mother's day included Ethiopian food, sleeping on the sofa, cleaning up poo, a cup of spilled water and tears. (Any of the aforementioned activities may or may have not have included me and the list of activities is subject to change.)  Seriously though, the family had a really great day. I love The Kid and I love Periodic Table. That is all.

Oh yeah, if any of you guys are around next year on Mother's Day, feel free to contact Freed's Bakery or (Love at First Bite Bakery if you're local) and have them make me that cake for Mother's Day. I'm not a picky person so if you want to have the cake made for my birthday, Father's Day, Halloween, 4th of July, Groundhog Day, Labor Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Losing 65 lbs Day, Losing 65.1 lbs Day, YOUR birthday, or any number of the holidays not mentioned on my list you will not hear me complaining.
Well, its closing in on midnight. Adios!



  1. I am going to find the most random holiday I can and make you a special little cake just for it :)


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