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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

VSG surgery 81.

?0.6 weight today,  +0.6 lbs from last weight,  63.8 pounds lost total

I didn't blog yesterday, but my weight was at ??9.6 and today it was ??0.6. UGH!!!!! When that second number moves, that is some great stuff. My crazy adipose tissue decided that it liked the old number better, but I'm hoping that if I try to talk to some sense into it ( you know its damned hard to reason with the unreasonable), we can all agree to settle to the newer, lower number for a while.

 My crazy, stubborn, fat, my adipose tissue, is now going to be known as Addie. Lol. She's just as dramatic as Sleevie Wonder, but a little more sneaky. She has absolutely no home training ( or broughtupsy if any of you happen to be Jamaican), trips little old ladies, shoplifts from dollar tree, pinches money out of the offering plate at church, and snatches pacifiers out of babies' mouths. I've sent her eviction notices, hell I've even written her a few "Dear John" letters, but she always comes back and its usually with family. Adam, Adara, Adele, Adiah, Adrian, Adeline, Aden, Adair, Adnan, Adolfo, Adelle, Adelyn, and many others have at one point or another moved in with Addie. They're like the friggin Duggars (except that they're the McFattersons)!!!!!! Anyway, I'm thinking of sending her to boarding school b/c I get the employee discount. I'll let y'all know how that goes.



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