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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

VSG surgery 82

I weighed myself, but I didn't write it down. Instead of guessing ( even though I'm pretty sure I was down 4/10ths) I'll just make sure that I write it down tomorrow. I jut found my little weight book, so I definitely will have a weight tomorrow.

So I went back to TOPS last night, and it was a big, fat, non-event. Even though I went into the kind of tantrum-y dramatics reserved for toddlers, divas, or diva toddlers I really didn't want any fanfare and  frippery upon my return. I was glad that I went because Bertha graduated from a TOPS ( taking off pounds sensibly) to a KOPS ( keeping off pounds sensibly) because she finally hit her goal weight. I was probably more excited for her than I would have been if it had happened to me. That was really cool :)

On Mother's Day I was really peeved, because I drove all the way to North Dallas for Ethiopian food and I could barely eat any. I ordered lega tibs ( sauteed cubed beef with onions, pepper, tomato, ginger, rosemary and other spices) and the vegetarian combo ( different varieties of lentils, spinach, cabbage, onion and carrots, sald with lemon vinaigrette). It was slap ya mama, 3 snaps in a "Z" formation, don't touch my food or you're liable to get your fingers bit, kind of good. I loaded up my saucer with the lega tibs and a small bit of the lentils and I ate just a few bites and I felt it in my throaK. I knew that if I had the injera (this spongy bread on which the food is served on and you also use to eat it with) I would have been as bloated as a tick in the pound on a June afternoon, but I didn't even touch the stuff!!!! UGH.

I know that I signed up for surgery, but sometimes I just want to eat what I want to eat. On the other hand I want to lose weight the way that I've been losing weight, but its....... I don't know. The only solution that really works for me doesn't exist anywhere in the universe. I want to eat how much I want to eat AND I want to lose the amount of weight that I want to lose. On some days both my stomach and my appetite are sated, Sunday was just not one of those days. Oh yeah, and if you ever meet me on the streets and I'm having a one of these days, do NOT tell me that's what I signed up for. First off, I don't wanna hear that and secondly, I signed up for the Magic VSG, I just got stuck with this one.



  1. Ha I know how you feel, I haven't had my surgery yet but I miss food and I keep thinking that I won't really be able to enjoy it the same way again. I think in the long run it will be worth it but it makes me sad to think that I will barely be able to taste the foods I love. Oh well, I'm guessing once I hit my goal I will love my new body more

  2. your analagies crack me up- "I would have been as bloated as a tick in the pound on a June afternoon"


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