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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VSG surgery 89

These are yesterdays weights. I'm at my parent's house.

??1.4 weight today,   -6.0 lbs from last weight,  73 pounds lost total

My body is being crazy again. From Monday to Tuesday, I lost 3.6 lbs. When I got on the scale it surprised the hayl outta me. The body does what the body wants. I made doubly sure that I got my water and protein yesterday.

So my checkup on Monday went really well. I was very surprised to learn that I'd lost 20lbs since the last visit. It was the usual weight, blood pressure, and how've you been eating and drinking thing. I made sure that I took all of the time that I needed so that I didn't leave feeling rushed.

I made it to 'Ta Falls ( what The Kid calls my hometown) so that I could be at my neice's HeadStart graduation. My sister sent out invites, reminders on the Book of Faces, text messages, smoke signals, morse code, and I'm pretty sure that if she could have taken an ad out on primetime TV, she would have. It went pretty much like any other pre-k graduation in the US of A-kids not singing the songs, kids arguing on stage, a couple of kids who wouldn't stop crying, kids who couldn't stop waving at their familes, and about 3 who actually did what they were supposed to. My neice was not among those

I made sure to bring a case of my Premier Protein shakes because being at my parents house is not conducive to good eating. I also packed some string cheese, roast beef, edamame, vegetable beef soup, and some water. I gotta be prepared at all times.

Wel, I'm gonna get up and enjoy the rest of the day with my family.


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