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Thursday, May 27, 2010

VSG surgery 97

??4.2 weight today,  2.2 lbs lost from last weight, 70.2 lbs lost to date.

I sure hope that my math is

Hello beautiful people of the Wane-o-sphere, how are you doing today? I just finished my Premier Protein Shake as I usually do and now I'm just lazing about not doing anything. My mind is a muddled mess of all kinds of stuff that I want to tell you guys. I have to edit myself so that my posts don't turn into novellas, which means that I have to cram stuff BACK into my mind so that I can tell you at a later date. UGH, so if this post is all over the place, just know that you have already been warned.

The first order of business is that my birthday is coming up on the 31st!!! The PO box is open for business cause I'm not one of those altruistic people that wants you to make donations in my name to my favorite organization. Pshaw to that!  Kimberly, if you're reading this you need to create a Cupcake-O-The-Month club so that somebody can buy me a birthday subscription. Like, I've said though, I'm not picky. I'll take gift cards, bottles of hard liquor, cash, a Snuggie, an IOU for cleaning out my closet sometime in the next 6 months, a bucket of buttercream icing, or a self twirling spaghetti fork.

For about the past week the 3 largest incisions have my iiiiiiiiiii-tchy. They are a bit hypertrophic, so I'm hoping that they will flatten out more as time progresses. The two smallest ones ( smaller than an eraser) are pretty much well healed and they kinda look like my old chicken pox scars.The pic is of one of my small scars that is just below the midline my breastbone. I tried sending pics of the three largest scars, but my phone is being difficult ( Oh yeah, THAT can be added to the list, too) Anyway, I'm gonna get up and get moving. Since losing all of this weight, I find that I'm not happy just sitting around like I used to.



  1. How many places do they cut for the surgery?

    I hope you get all of your birthday wishes ;)


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