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Saturday, May 29, 2010

VSG surgery 99 I got 99 problems and a sexy shoe aint one

I've been so busy ripping and running that I forgot my weight. It hasn't really changed much in the past couple weeks though.

I was busy all day yesterday at my nephew's graduation and my parents are here so I had to make myself sit down and carve out some time to talk to you guys. I've just been SUPER busy, and I really like it. Even though Bessie is doing a do-si-do around the same number, I'm still SO happy with the changes that surgery has brought forth.

Before the surgery, I turned down invitations everywhere because it was just too much trouble. It was too much trouble trying to find something that fit, and if it did fit,I'd have to worry about it flattering my shape ( which is much less dodecahedron by the way and more hourglassy) There's not even really too much that you can wear when you're really big. It was too much trouble to always be on guard for those , " You've gained so much weight." comments. It. Was.Too. Much. Trouble. Period. 

Here in the past few weeks I've gone shopping for clothes, shoes, LOTS of fabulous jewelery. I knew that I didn't like being fat, but until I started peeling back the layers, I didn't realize how much it affected the way I felt about myself. I never wore my jewelry or did my nails, not because I was lazy, but because somewhere inside, I felt like I wasn't worth the trouble. Before I lost weight, I was never a slob and I always dressed well when I left the house, but I never did any of the extras. It feels really good to be doing the extras again.

<----------------Look at the extras!!!! : )


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