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Sunday, May 2, 2010

VSG surgery day 72

??2.0 weight today,  1.0 lbs lost from last weight,  61.4 to date.

So for the past few days my weight has been up and down and I didn't really lose all that much from last week, so it was certainly good to see it headed in the right way this morning It's my lowest post-surgical weight to date
: )

For the past few days, haven't really wanted to eat anything. I've been hungry, but I've not had the motivation to get up and do anything about it. It's the kind if hunger that travels up from your stomach and ends in your throaK. I really don't know if its just laziness or something else, but I am REALLY gonna try to make sure that this doesn't become in issue for me. I have zero appetite and nothing really sounds appealing to me at all ( well other than cake but you guys already know that) Until this funk or whatever passes, I'm gonna make sure that I am on top of my protein game and chugalug these Premier Protein Shakes.

Thanks to the VSG and me getting my swagger back, my busy bee ass was buzzing all over the Metroplex this weekend. Last night I went out with Headlights and IHOP ( if you saw her you'd understand her name) channeled my inner 21 year old and cut the hell up. We went to a house party and then later on we brought in midnight hour at a different venue with the kind of fun that really shouldn't be discussed in this blog.... HEY NOW!!!! In order to protect the not so innocent all I will say is a great time was had by all.

Well, my little social butterfly self is about to get off the computer and get ready to go meet Shero over in Ft. Worth so that I can continue my action packed weekend.

Oh yeah a word of advice.


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