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Monday, May 3, 2010

VSG surgery day 73

??2.1 weight today,  0.9 lbs lost from last weight,  62.3 lbs lost date

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Other than the traffic over by Trintiy Park being nervewrackingly atrocious, it was good for me to get out and see the sights in another part of the Metroplex. Mayfest itself was overly crowded, overly expensive, with overly long lines and not really too much to do for adults, but I had really great company so all of the overlies didn't really bother me.

I took a bottle of water with my thinking that 20 ozs would be enough, but I was paaaaarched. I would have gotten something to drink, but just looking at the overly long lines defeated me. So for about 2 hours, my thirst kept me company and then he decided to invite hunger to the party.Just about the time I thought I was going to keel over, we were leaving and on our way to Central Market. Whew.  Now I know that I need to keep some protein snacks in purse at all times and larger quantity of water with me, too.

It was so great being able to walk around ( at a decent pace, mind you) and not feel winded. I walked several miles yesterday and it really made me feel like...all of this is real. Even if the scale is doing some sort of crazy dance all over the place, these small victories are not bound to the number on Bessie. How can you measure the freedom to walk and not get tired? What units would you use to describe the feeling of realizing "damn, this really is happening."?  ..hmmmmmm......Yesterday was a REALLY good day.


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  1. luckily, I've never had a problem with walking. I love the craft fsires and such (I'm guessing that's what Mayfest is? Our local ones are ClovisFest, OctoberFest, Big Hat Days, and Vintage Days). But it was good to read about your need for water and protein while you were out. I'll file that info away in my brain :) going to stop by my dr's office today on my lunch break to have them weigh me.


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