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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

VSG Surgery....I promise I'll figure it out sooner or later :)

??6.4 today,  +5.0 from that freakishly low weight last week, and I'll calculate my total when I find my book.

Looks like that sneaky tramp Addie is up to her old tricks again. My eating was pretty much normal so I'm not sure why her and Bessie are in a conspiracy against me. Now I'm just waiting for Sleevie to jump his ass in the mix so that I can have a triumvirate of traitorous tramps. Et tu, Sleevie?? Anyway, good ole PT said that I looked smaller, and I think that I did, too. So they can all bite my rapidly reducing rump.

Oh yeah, speaking of rapidly reducing, I have a new cup size and I am happier than panty bandit in a sorority house. I bought a new bra, wore it out of the store, and threw the old one out of the window as the made our way down the road. A DDD might sound big, but coming from a G ( 3 freaking sizes!!), those 3 D's mean Definitely Delightful Day. I no longer need the world's largest bra.

The vacay was AWESOME. I had a high heel wearing, karaoke singing, table dancing, crawling in at god-knows-when o'clock good time!!! I woke up at about 11 and hit the streets running, coming home only long enough to get showered and dressed for another night on the town. It was exhilarating AND exhausting. In fact, I need to go to sleep right



  1. LOL That's great! Congrats on the new bra, I can't believe you threw it out the window LOL

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It was great. I felt like a heroine in some cheesy movie. I whipped it over my head like a lasso and let it rip!!


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