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Saturday, June 12, 2010

VSG 113

??9.0,  +0.4 lbs from last weight,  75.8 pounds lost total

I'm finally getting around to posting the pics that I promised. Theses aren't anything new if you're a FB friend, so don't get all excited, lol. These pics were taken on the same day.

I think that I look smaller in the second picture than I ever look when I'm seeing my reflection first hand. I don't think I look that small, but every part of your body is in a conspiracy against you when you're losing weight. Anyway, this is the conversation that I had with good old Periodic Table.

WW- PT, does this picture make me look small?
PT-    No, that's pretty much how you look.
WW- That's how I look or that pretty much how I look?
PT-    I don't know.You look like that all the time.
WW- Are you sure? I look small to me.
5 minutes later....
WW- That's really what I look like?
PT-     Yes. (with a slightly exasperated intonation)
WW- hmmmmph.
3 minutes later...
WW- This doesn't make me look small? Are you lying?
PT- cold, emotionless, stare. Stop talking to me.   ( Isn't love a wonderful thing?)

I still weight like a hundred million bazillion gajillion pounds above where The Chart says I should be, but
I've never had an on The Chart body, I'm liking myself more and more, and I've never gave a damn about what The Chart says I should be. I'm not about to start now.



  1. Good for you, WW! You are looking good and have the right attitude! Keep it goin'!! ;)

  2. its seriously angles and lighting. I appreciate the compliment nonetheless :D


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