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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

VSG surgery 102

??5.8 weight today,  +0.8 lbs from last weight,  68.6 lbs lost to date

I'm gonna hafta buy me a measuring tape or something so that I can start taking track of my inches. I must be losing inches, I HAVE to be losing inches. This is my second straight week with no measurable weight loss on Bessie. I'm more active, social, my back doesn't hurt nearly as much, but I'm a numbers queen. Maybe the tape will be nicer to me than Bessie has been. Anyway, here is something interesting that I read about stalls.

Oh yeah, here's a pic of the three largest surgery scars that I promised.
My phone, tired of being bratty, decided that it finally wanted to send the picture. They look really big when I am looking down at them, but after seeing them in the picture I've decided that they don't look nearly as bad.

The surgery coordinator at the hospital called me and asked me if I would speak to one of the patients about the Sleeve. She said that I was doing really well and that I'd be the perfect person to speak with her.  Of course part of me was going, " Me? ME?!?!" It was still super flattering nonetheless. If I could blush, I'd have been redder than bulbous, bulging backside of a boisterous baboon.

Well, my little cousins are coming over so that I can all of the kids to the interactive water play area near my house, so I'm gonna get up off of my bum, and stop being a bum.


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