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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

VSG surgery 103....Oh, Sleevie

??5.0 weight today,  -0.8 lbs from last weight,  69.4 lbs lost to date

Today Sleevie has been feeling a bit uneasy. I tired to drink a mocha latte Atkin's shake (which is really good btw) and I took a few sips of it and just gave it to The Kid. It kinda felt like a lactose intolerance kind of upset, but then at the same time it didn't. It's really hard to describe. It wasn't necessarily related to my VSG because I had this kind of feeling before surgery.

What happened yesterday WAS totally the surgery though. I scarfed down the top off of two slices of pizza like a rabid hyena and for a minute I felt ok. That minute was short lived because before I knew it, Sleevie had put up a barricade and had started beating the food back up my esophagus. He was a traffic cop with a bad attitude and I was on the $hit end of the stick. Nasty, greasy, chewed up, low budget mozzarella oozed back up my throat in a far worse form than it went down. I tried to swallow it back down, but Sleevie just pushed back more and this time he threw in a heartburny feeling for good measure. Tired of fighting off the inevitable, I just went to the bathroom and let the foamy, greasy mess up out of me. I chewed up two Gaviscon, which really helped, and just laid on the chaise until it passed like 15 minutes later.

Well, about to go and guzzle some water so that I can hit my goals for the day.



  1. I hate to say this but the same thing has happened to me...I remember feeling so much better after it came back up.

  2. Oh yes, it was much better out than it was in :D


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