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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

VSG surgery 109

I lost weight yesterday, but blogger was having a tantrum and I couldn't log on. Of course I can't remember what it is. Didn't weigh today because I escaped the jaws of Satan and slept at my cousin's.

I went to a yet another graduation last night, and afterward my Aunt, cousin, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I ordered spicy garlic wings because I thought that after all of the talks that we'd been having that Sleevie and I'd  gotten a better understanding. My temperamental Sleevie with his erratic mood swings decided that he just didn't feeeel like cooperating. I took two bites and I had to just shake my head and back away from the food. My stomach felt like The Door to Hell, but it passed very quickly. Luckily, pretty much anything that Sleevie throws my way is over and done with in about 15 minutes. I'd rather have fire and brimstone IN my belly than fat and a stone ON my belly.

I took some progress pics to share with you, the Denizens of the Wanosphere, but I've told you time and time again that my phone is craptuculary craptastic crap. Like the surgery scar pic, it might take a hell of a lot more than a few days, but they are coming.

Speaking of crap, The Kid somehow has crap on his big toe. I am SO serious.*dead, cold, stare* Don't ask any questions, because I'm sure not. Ugh, let me go be a mom.


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