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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

VSG surgery 110

??9.4,  1.8 lbs lost from last weight,  75.4 pounds lost total

Today was a really good day, y'all.
I have a new second number on the scale and I hit 75 pounds.

I was SO affected earlier today that I couldn't even sit down and type a blog entry. It wasn't an OMG-OMG- I'm-on-the-Price-Is-Right-and-I'm-hoopin-and-hollerin-down-the-aisle kind of excitement like I expected. After I got off the scale, I just kinda smirked and went back to the bed and sat down with The Kid.

The emotion manifested itself as more of a quiet fulfillment, small part disbelief the other part credence. The words to describe this feeling are right at my fingertips as I type this, but as soon as I reach out to touch them they fade back into the mist, ephemeral. I wish that I could project my memory of that feeling into this blog entry so that you could feel what I felt when I looked at the scale. I felt like a serpentine creek snaking through the hills on a verdant Spring day. The kind of day so iconic, so archetypal, that it borders on trite. Even as I write this it sounds cheesy, but..........well, I don't know..........that's all I got.



  1. wow. what an amazing accomplishment. i think you described that feeling really really well.

  2. I totally understand what you're sayin'. It's difficult to put it into words....but let me say, comgrats!!!! You should be very proud!!


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