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Thursday, June 10, 2010

VSG surgery 111 buttocks and silver platters

??8.6 weight today,  -0.8 lbs from last weight,  76.2 pounds lost total

I've had a busy day, but I couldn't go to bed without making a blog entry.

Oh yeah, my dog pulled a Lindsay Lohan and got picked up by the po-po last night while I was getting my derriere handed to me on the volleyball courts. I got a phone call this morning asking if I'd come pick her up so I spent part of the day bailing out our troublemaking pet. Later, Periodic Table and I took The Kid to go run around at the water play area near by, and then we rounded out the day grocery shopping. I don't know where all of the time went, but this day has absolutely flown by. I'm glad that I have the energy to do all of this stuff.

This is a lot shorter than I usually like my entries to be but just look at that pachyderm's face. He's not sad, he's tired. Getting your ass handed to you is haaaaaard work. I gotta go to bed.


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