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Sunday, June 13, 2010

VSG surgery 114

I lost weight today, but I forgot the number. Oy!

Yesterday I was eating a chicken strips sans crust and for a minute or all seemed well in Waning Woman World. After that minute though I got reeeealy nauseated.
I never felt like I was going to actually throw up, but there was an incessant stream of saliva that kept coming out of my mouth. I found an empty Whataburger cup and made my watery deposit into that until the feeling subsided 10 minutes later. Yuck.
I've eaten chicken strips numerous times, so I'm not really sure what caused me to salivate like I was at Love at Fist Bite Bakery Cujo, but I'm glad that's over and done with.

Now that I have a little less fat to pad my bum, I can't sit nearly as long as I used to. I went to church and I was moving around like I had ants in my pants or something. I'm going to have to buy me a butt pillow or something until I get used to this. I hope I do get used to this. What if my butt is permanently broken? .....Hmph.



  1. LOL I'm sure you didn't break your butt

  2. hahahhaha!! you MIGHT need a pillow.

  3. i love all the bakery shout-outs! as soon as i get my act together i am going to have to send some samples your way :)

  4. I looked at remedies for my assumed-to-be-broken butt, and butt pillows are ugly. Can you dedazzle one for me?

    Bakery Goddess, any time that you want to send anything over this way ( discarded cuttings, pan scraps, uncleaned beaters that we can lick) I will SO take them.


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