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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VSG surgery 116 Physical Physics

Bessie gave me two different weights today a pound apart. She must need some new batteries or maybe she's just tired of my big ass mounting her everyday.
I'll use the higher weight.
 ??8.6 weight today, -0.4 lbs from last weight, 76.2 pounds lost to date.

I didn't post yesterday because I had a house full of family. My dear mother in law flew in yesterday and she'll be here through the week, and my parents were here for the day, too. Somehow between going to the airport, entertaining family, picking up a wig for my grandma, getting groceries, AND whipping up a my famous taco dinner ( that I didn't have time to even partake of), I found space in my cramped day to go to the gym. Woohoo!

A few years BA ( before adiposity) I used to frequent the gym and I was a BA-RICK-HOUSE! I never made any excuses and I was there three days a week, every week. I was dedicated, diligent and dogged in my determination to develop my chassis into something dy-no-mite. And it WORKED......until one day something came up and I couldn't go to the gym. That one day turned into 2, which turned into 4, which turned into 8, and so on and so on. I don't take any responsibility for it though. There are immutable laws on the universe in play here, people.

Who am I, in my infinite nothingness to defy the laws of inertia? Basically an object in motion/rest will stay in motion/rest unless acted on by an outside force. I was able to go to the gym (object in motion) but I stopped because I was acted on by an outside force (the something). On the flipside, I was at rest and there was no outside force to make me go back to the gym.  So the next time somebody calls you lazy, tell them that there are laws of the universe far greater than any insults they can lob at you. Look them squarely in the face, and simply tell them, " Inertia."



  1. hahhhhhaaa!! i love that cartoon! that is so frustrating about scales. that's why i finally caved and dropped a hundred bucks on a tanita scale. but i love it!

  2. I just googled them. I might have to add one of those to my wishlist.


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