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Thursday, June 17, 2010

VSG surgery 118 Bessie is dead


Bessie (or at least her batteries) is officially past her deathbed and is firmly in the threshold of death's door. When I went to get a weight today, she looked up at me weakly and with her dying breath she told me that I'd lost 19 lbs from yesterday. Looking down at her with all the compassion I could muster( you know we've got an iffy, sometime-y relationship), placed my hand gently over her eyes and told her to go into the light. I'm sure I'll get some batteries her a new heart sooner or later.

I've been living in Restriction City these past few days. For lunch yesterday, we went to Razzoo's and I got the fish fingers off of the kid's menu.As you can see, they're not even that big. I ate about 3/4's of one and two french fries and I was holiday stuffed. I was ok with it because while they sated my hunger, they weren't particularly delicious. Kid's menu stuff hardly ever is. Dinner consisted of about three forkfuls of this garlicky, delicious, Dominican style, pork chop and that was too much for me. Ay dios mio!

Well my mother in law is ready to get out on the town and see all that my city has to offer. I'm about to go shower and get pretty for the day.



  1. You make me feel better that my ficle tiny tummy isn't unusual. I don't get how it can like something one day and the next day send me running to the bathroom after eating it. At least I know this kind of trial and error are normal thanks to your blog

  2. Oh yeah, I had an experience today that was less than fun and I'll talk about it tomorrow. I'm good most of the time, I think that Sleevie just needs to remind me that my innards are not normal. I'm glad that you're able to take something from the blog

  3. sooooo youre saying you DIDNT lose 14 lbs in one day? :-)

  4. I love Razzoo's so might possibly be what kills me someday. I wish we had them in KC but alas, we're not "southwest" enough up here. ;)


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