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Sunday, June 20, 2010

VSG surgery 121

not posting weights until Bessie gets well, but according to another scale. Its still moving.

I want to upload some pictures for my entry today, but Blogger is being rather uncooperative. :(

I've not really been on my water the way I need to for the past couple of day. My pee was darker than I like it to be this morning. I'm working on finishing up a 44oz cup of water so that even if I don't drink anything else, I'll at least have that in. With the TX summer, I gotta make sure that I meet or even exceed my daily hydration goals.

I haven't really lost much weight, but I'm totally shrinking. I can't really post the good pics because they are of the bra and panty variety and I certainly cannot afford any lawsuits because you've gouged your eyes out upon seeing them. Or maybe upon seeing the pics you abandon everything in your life and decide that you want to show up at my doorstep and proclaim your undying love for me. Yeah, there's no gray at all with me. Either way, I don't want to be liable for anything. I DO have some fully clothes pics I'd lurve to share if only Blogger's head wasn't up its ass tonight.

I hate to cut this so short, but Blogger is really, really, really, in spaz mode right now.


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