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Friday, June 25, 2010

VSG surgery 126 cellulite submission

???????????????????? up a smidge.

I just came back from the gym and it was a back and biceps day. I wish that it was leg day because for some weird reason, I REALLY like leg day. Anyway, I went in, handled by business, left up out of there, and now I'm home telling you guys about it.

I strolling down the aisles of dollar tree the other day and I happened upon this massager thingamajig. It looked like something that would take a bite out of my leg jelly and put it in its place, so I thought "what the heck". It was only a dollar. Before I went to bed that night, I got out my cellulite beater upper and put it to the test, but only on one leg. I really put some umph into it so while it didn't hurt, it didn't necessarily feel good.. The next morning, I looked at my legs and there was a slight but noticeable difference. With rolling my cellulite into submission along with my weight training and cellusculpt, I might have a slim chance of getting my old legs back. Might and slim are the operative words here. Still, I'm going all "Tyson Holyfield ear carnage" on my cellulite so that I have the best chance possible.

I was talking to someone about my new cellulite destruction plan and they said, " Well, you have to use it everyday. Those creams don't work" Um hello, we don't use deodorant once and then get mad when it doesn't work for the rest of our lives.

I'm still in my stinky workout clothes, so I'm gonna go and I will...



  1. hahahahaha! let me know if that dollar thing works!

  2. Certainly. I have a hot date with Dr. Deaths Dimple Destroyer tonight.


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