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Friday, July 9, 2010

VSG surgery 141

????? Up more than a lb from yesterday

I still weigh myself all the time, but I really hate going back and looking at my other posts so that I can calculate my weight. I know that I'll update it at least once this week.

It's great to be able to wear all of these fun shoes again. Now that I don't have as much weight bearing on my knees and ankles and my lower back doesn't feel like its going to quit, I can actually wear these shoes and not feel like I'm going to break an important part of my anatomy in my lower body. Having functional joints and hinges makes life a lot more fun.

Speaking of fun and functional joints, I went out for happy hour with my girls, and it turned into happy night. We met up at a small cafe that had free food, 2 dollar apple martinis, and a live band and we danced all night long. I danced SO much that my hair was wet-total aerobic workout. There was no drama, no pushy men, no hoochie mamas, no hood chicks with gold front teeth. It was just the kinda fun that I needed.

On the 4th of July, I made a pan of macaroni to contribute to the festivities and OMG it was creamy, cheesy, slap ya mama, don't-touch-my-plate-or-you're-liable-to-get-bit, break dancing with the cherubim on cloud 15497573 9, heavenly goodness. I ate the two tiny, itty bitty, palate teasing bites before Sleevie put the freeze on the fun. I was more than a little irritated at that. I know that I shouldn't be eating the pounds of macaroni that I ate with my old 40 gallon, cast iron stomach, but really??? Two more bites wouldn't have killed me. UGH! Watching everybody else eat this delicisiocity that I slaved over (making bechamel sauce, whisking it for 10 solid minutes, adding 4 different cheese) was just the insult to injury that I needed. By the time there was room for more, it was all gone. Definitely not the best day for my relationship with the greedy people in my family Sleevie.

Well, we've got family stuff to do so I will....


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  1. just realized my comments have not been going thru!
    Your doing Awesome!!!!! Keep inspiring us all!


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