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Friday, July 16, 2010

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I've been busy this week with that personal family thing that's been ongoing so that's why my blog posts have been more sporadic than usual. I'm just really tired and I could go right back to sleep, but I have another busy day. I know how you guys wait with bated breath (or possibly baited breath is you've been eating minnows or worms or something) for me to blog so I just figured I'd hammer out something before the day gets too busy and runs away from me again.
I didn't wake up until 1:45 post meridian and that is only because the phone was ringing. If it weren't for that I'd still be asleep right now. I did somehow manage to squeeze in a trip to the gym yesterday. I was dog tired when I went and dogger tireder( say that 5 times fast) when I dragged myself out of there, but I'm glad that I made it. I've found that all it takes is to have a few days of not going and then that exponentially grows to the point that you're sitting at home watching Dexter on netflix and eating cake when you should really be at the gym. I'm not ready for that yet.

My boobs are shrinking again! The way that they scale is all kinds of messed up and my boob to waist ratio is going to be knocked out of balance. Having a large quantity of boobage makes your waist look smaller and I'm at the point where I look stackilicious!! I can manage to lose some and still be quite mammarific, but here's where the problem comes-now that they're shrinking, if past performance is any indicator of future performance, they're going to shrink a lot faster than the rest of me. I'm hoping that my post pregnancy/breastfeeding body is a little different and I can manage to keep one extra cup size above where i would normally be. It may not seem like it by looking at this pic, but my high-beam headlights shrink down to nothing more than the faded, washed out light of a dying dollar tree flashlight. My breasts get downright little. But maybe, just maybe, since I've had a baby and breastfed, I can keep an extra cup size. Well here's to boobs, tits, titties, cans, wah-wahs, breasts, bosoms, funbags, knockers, chesticles, mammaries, teats, bazookas, hooters, melons, rack, assets, jugs, and anything else you cool cats can think of.



  1. Aww, I hearing ya sister!!!! Just had "the girls" reinstated back to their original (18 year old) position! 2 kids and years of yo yo dieting left me with "nat geo" boobs, or "rocks in socks" if you prefer LOL, so as I type I am still recovering from a "tit lift" and I must say....
    GOD DAMN MY TITS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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