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Sunday, July 18, 2010

VSG surgery 150

I'm at my lowest weight since surgery, but I think that its a fluke. Yesterday I sweated like a saran wrapped pig in a sweatlodge overly packed with big bellied, hairy men. I'm still weighing myself daily (mostly) I just haven't been posting it. The number one reason I'm not doing it is because I'm lazy and inefficient and I'm tired of calculating that mess. I can't find my weight book half the time and by the time I do find it, the number has fallen out of my head never to remembered again. There are better ways to track it than writing it in an itty bitty book that I misplace every other day, but once again, I'm lazy. N-stee-ways, the day that I lose every single pregnancy and post childbirth pound will be a day that I will not forget my weight and you can bet that I'll be doing some calculating that day.

Ok, so I really think that Dr. Destructo's ass dimple annihilator is working. My legs are looking a lot smoother and Periodic Table verified it for me. Before I used it, I tried to take some before pictures of my celly jelly, but my camera just wasn't able to get a really good before pic. I looked at the picture that I took the night before surgery, and there is a big difference in the amount of hail damage that I have on my thighs. Well, because I'm a mean spirited grinch who delights in the misfortunes and imperfections of the privileged, here are some celebrity cellulite pics for you to enjoy ( or not. Maybe you're all better people than me.)



  1. ok, i just recently got hail damage on my vehicles and so when i read that part, I just about LOST MY MIND IN LAUGHTER! SILLLLL EEEE!!!!!!!



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