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Saturday, July 24, 2010

VSG surgery 156 Parental Advisory, Explicit Language

pretty much the same weight as it has been

I've had a pretty crappy week. There were a lot of crappy incidents this past week, but one really took the air out of my sails. I found out that someone really close to me who was one of my biggest cheerleaders when I was going to get surgery has been behind my back Tearing. Me. Down. Its really just a hurtful, hurtful situation-a complete "et tu, brute?' type of situation. I've never done anything to this person and they are attacking me like I stole something from them. Its a fucking shame......yeah, it really is. I really wanna hire Mel Gibson to handle this bitchassness for me.

Transmission is dead, washing machine is dying, the dog needs shots, my Aunt ( and volleyball coach) fell and broke her arm, we had to forfeit our last game, and a few other things are going on as I speak, but I don't even want to type them out. I know that it will get better. Its just really heavy right now.

Today I'm really happy to be with PT and The Kid, two people who will always love me.

My parents are still here and will be here another week to take of the other thing that is sucking up my energy, so I'm letting you know now what's going on with me and why my posts ( have been and) may be more sporadic than usual. Doesn't mean I don't love you guys : )

I'm grateful for PT and The Kid, my wonderfully loving parents, and you guys. The truth is, this backstabber really has nothing to do with my surgery or my successes. I'll only surround myself with people who are going to uplift and motivate me and if anyone can't fulfill those simple requirements, then I'll just excise them from my life.



  1. girl!
    Head up!...Remember I told you there were going to be haters!...just means you're lookin too good!
    you know what you've went through for deserve praise!...So...I'ma say it, my sistah! I GOT YOUR BACK!
    YOU LOOK FABULOUS!... and what's on the outside ain't nearly so pretty as what's on the INSIDE!

  2. Thank you so much for your support


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