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Friday, August 6, 2010

VSG surgery Transmission fluid and donuts


My scars don't look so bad
Here's the latest progess pic that I posted a few days ago on my FB page. I know that I have some readers who don't Facebook from a book of faces so I'm going to try to post more pictures here.

I found out not too long ago that my little sister actually reads my blog. I had no idea that she was reading it until she posted a comment about this entry here. That was a great surprise and it pretty much canceled out the other backstabbing Judas who also happens to be a member of my family. Just like I was surprised about all of the negativity being hurled my way, I was equally surprised by the support that my little sister giving my behind the scenes. Having said all of that, I have now had to completely reformulate and remix my blog entry for the day. I waaaas going to tell you all about the time that she went to jail for shoplifting camouflage bandannas, coffee filters, transmission fluid, and a Tupac cd and doing donuts in the Wally World parking lot in an 81 Ford Escort while yelling out of the window " Humm-yo-rain-gain-kyo"* Since she's now proven her utmost devotion to the Waning Woman cause, I'm gonna pump my brakes on that one. So lets hear it for little sisters with long rap sheets*, long hair, and arachnophobia. I love you sis!


anything with an asterisk is purely a figment of my demented  and twisted imagination and is in no way a real reflection of my little sister, her attitude, her hair ( well her hair REALLY is long) her taste in music, her taste in cars, her criminal history or lack thereof, but it really doesn't matter because I can say what i want to say because she can't WHOOP me. In fact, I'm putting a disclaimer on this disclaimer to say its all true unless she comes to my house and WHOOPS me. Until then, it stands.


  1. First and foremost sis......YOU LOOK GR8!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! THAT IS SO SWEET AND I'M LMMFAO!!!! They are ( the family) trying to figure out what the hell is so funny. HAHA!!!! I LOVE YOU SIS. MMUUHH!!!!

  2. YOU GO GURL!!!!!!!!!


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