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Monday, August 9, 2010

VSG surgery locomotives and chicken


I had a long and TIRING weekend. On Saturday I was dog tired from being in the life sucking, energy zapping, TX heat and I was whinier than The Kid by the time I made it in. I hadn't eaten anything all day, but even though I was tired I had to get my protein in. I stumbled wearily to the bed, disrobing on the way, and while waiting on PT to bring me dinner in bed, I fell fast asleep. He woke me up to eat and with a ferocity matched only by feral children, I devoured the chicken in front of me. I didn't even sit up to eat. I rolled over toward the nightstand on which it was placed, inhaled, and rolled right back over. I'd eaten WAAAAY too fast, but I was to tired to really give a much of thought to it so I went back to sleep........ zzzzzzzz......zzzzzz...........zzzzzzzzzzzz Cough!!
That chicken was barreling up my esophagus like a runaway train. It wasn't a nice cuddly train like Thomas, but a raging train to hell with acrid black smoke billowing in its wake. A train just like this one
That was an UNPLEASANT experience. MY throak was on fire and even when all of the offending bird was out, I was still coughing like a mofo. UGGGGHHHHH! I learned my lesson and I hope you did to. Just to recap

1) Don't eat  too close to bedtime ( or while you're sleeping)
2) Don't eat lying down
3) Don't eat too fast. Chew people! Chew.
4) And damn sure don't do ALL of the above



  1. Oh God! that sounds miserable. I was in a hurry and tried to eat fast the other day. After three bites I felt sick as hell and stayed that way for an hour! I love your imagery btw

  2. You crack me up. I look forward to reading every blog you write.

  3. Ohhh nooooooooo
    You poor thing. I hope i dont do that with my new found mushroom soup.!


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