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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VSG surgery Poke and grits with hot sauce..ewwww


I went to TOPS last night only to weigh in because I had WAAAAY too much stuff to do to stay for the entire meeting. According to their scales, I've lost 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks, but I think that I wasn't weighed correctly two weeks ago and that my weight was higher than it should have been. I'm not just saying this now, I thought the same thing two weeks ago when I got off the scale. Hopefully I won't be too tired from this family reunion that I HAVE to go to this weekend and I can make a full meeting next week. One of the older members, a firecracker named Mildred, left me the sweetest message telling me how much she misses me when I'm not there. That was pretty damn sweet.

I don't know if I ever told yall this, but in the first two months after surgery I had orthostatic hypotension. If I was sitting and then I got up, my field of vision would go dark and then it would slowly return back to normal over about 10-15 second.  It is something that's fairly common, and while having your field of vision go dark might have your mind conjuring up visions of malignant brain eating tumors, its really benign. I'm no doctor, so if it is something that you're experiencing you might want to consult your physician, but chances are they'll tell you to just drink more water and get up more slowly.

I really need to get up and fix something for dinner, but today I don't really feel like eating. I had a protein shake and some turkey breast medallions and if it were up to me ( well, it kinda is PT and The Kid can go buy something) we'd be eating poke and grits for dinner.....poke out your lips and grit your teeth. Its not just that I don't want to eat, I actually feel an aversion to eating today. I feel like I could get nauseated really, really easily. I have a stomach of titanium and nothing really makes me sick. Seriously. I could watch an autopsy while eating and happily nosh away like nothing is wrong. Today though I saw The Kid eating something that absolutely made my belly churn. Not boogers or anything that might legitimately make one's stomach turn. It was crackers with Taco Bell mild sauce. UGH! My mouth is even starting to water at just the thought of it. *shuddering* Anyway, I'll leave you with a link to some other shudder inducing foods. CLICK ME! for culinary carnage.



  1. Crackers with Taco Bell sauce? Ok, that would make me sick too. As for your "Poke and Grits" analogy, I've trying to find the right words for when my family eats my dinners.

  2. My tummy is very fickel now. Some days it's fine and other days it hates everything, even stuff it usually likes.


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