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Monday, August 30, 2010

VSG surgery Tired and tireder


Jeepers, yall. I am SOOOO tired right now its not even funny. I left on Friday night to go to my hometown and I've been nonstop since. Even after I finally made it home yesterday evening, I was still running around like that damn rabbit after a bowl of Trix. I'd be resting right now if it weren't for the EVIL, EVIL, EVIL cherubic little face that that kept popping up at my bedside asking me for 15 million, bajillion, quatrillion and one things.
Mommy, I needs foods (yes, with an s), Mommy, its not working ( whatever the hell "it" is),
Mommy I can't eat the oval crackers, I need rectangle crackers.
At one point I sent him to his room to play on his vtech, forgetting that it wasn't plugged up. In his despair upon realizing that it wasn't working, that boy howled like a disembodied werewolf spirit. All I could do, in my own despair was just shake my damn head and get on up. UUUUUUGHHHHH!

Anyfreakingway, I'm pretty sure that part of the reason that I'm tired is because I haven't eaten anything of real substance since about 1:30 on Saturday. I'm one of those people who doesn't even think about food when I'm on the go, so it was pretty easy for me to forgo feed. Funny thing is, I don't remember if I was like this before surgery or not. I think I was, but I'm not quite sure...hhmmmmm..... PT had to stay for Meet the Teacher Night, so he's gonna swing by our favorite restaurant and bring something home for dinner.

Well, I just heard the garage so that mean sustenance is here......mmmmmmm



  1. LOL, your posts always crack me up. I love the trix reference. And your right, I do wanna be you when I'm growed up. :) Thanks for the support and the blogs

  2. I agree the Trix thing cracked me up!! I forget to eat when I am on the go too, and that usually did NOT happen before surgery or if it did, I would make up for it with a gigantic food fest. Definitely not now!

  3. This is one of my WORST habit. I forget to eat---then when I do I am so hungry I start looking funny at the dog and wondering if with a little salt...We need to write a book with you as the main character.

    Women do this, we wait til its about to dribble down our legs to pee, we feed the family first, we make sure they have everything they need (as we should) BUT we forget ourselves. Thanks for showing me this today.


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